Our Sunshine

It’s been since January since Liv has been showing us that
things were changing with her.  It was at
that point that life, and she, felt different. 
I now know that we were being prepared for the time that we are walking
her through at this very moment. 
We were so very fortunate that we had many years of words,
songs, and mostly laughter from our yellow haired girl.  Sadly, those things were eventually lost; but
her eyes always showed us that somewhere within, that smile still existed.  She taught us how to listen to her in ways
unlike the norm.  Even now, she is
telling us exactly what she needs, and we are listening……and listening well.
We are nearing the end of our physical time with Livia.  We are embracing the wait….the hard hard
wait.  There is a lot of beauty that we
are seeing and creating during this sacred time.  The love that Livia Grace has created in her
10 years of life is shining exuberantly. 
My yellow haired girl has always shined like the sun. 
You are my sunshine…..

pray for all of us during this time.  We
feel your love.  We see your texts, your messages,
the photos you share.  We see you, and we
love you for all the support you have always given us.  We are praying for your hearts, too.  I hope that when you feel sad or your heart
beats a little faster because of what Livia is going through, that you may take
that feeling, close your eyes, and think that it’s because of so much love that
you are feeling that way.  It’s a gift
and a fuel for all of us to love and LIV a little harder today, and the days to