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I often wonder what life would be like if we didn’t have Sanfilippo in our life. It’s been my goal to find the positive in this “new life” we’ve been given. Some days it’s really hard. It’s especially hard when the dark out weighs the light. However, I’ve found that the light prevails and there […]

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Here are some updated pics of the girls. They are really starting to interact and play together. Finley is trying so hard to keep up with her big sister. She is crawling, or so it resembles a crawl, and walking around furniture. Time really goes too fast, but each day my girls are doing something […]

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New Songs

I came across this song by Brett Dennen a few months ago. I was in my bathroom getting ready for something and I had one of the music stations on that comes with our satellite. I was listening to music not really paying much attention to what was playing. This song “By and By” came […]

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Since Christmas I feel like I’ve been living each day in a bit of denial. It’s easy to do since we have such a great routine. I feel like I’ve put MPS away to try to bring back myself. I was tired of being sad everyday. I was tired of looking at Liv and feeling […]

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