About LivLife

About the Liv Life Foundation

In 2010, The Hubert family decided to form The Liv Life Foundation after receiving the devastating news that their daughter, Livia, had a terminal genetic condition called Sanfilippo Syndrome (MPS IIIA). They chose to grow through their circumstances instead of let it overcome them. The hope, at that time, was to raise awareness and research funds in an attempt to find a cure. In September of 2017, their beloved daughter died. At that time, it was decided to incorporate a change within the foundation. In addition to awareness and raising funds for research, the Hubert family, along with their board of directors, decided that it was important to give back to the community.

The Hubert’s knew because of their experience with their daughter, just how difficult yet necessary medical equipment was in improving quality of life for their daughter, as well as them. “When we received the gift of a special needs running stroller, it changed our life with Liv. It was comfort for her, and ease for us.” Kelly Hubert. The Liv Life foundation would like to be a community resource for other families that have a child with a terminal illness. “We not only raise funds for awareness and medical research, we will walk alongside other people going through exactly what we did with Livia. We will help obtain medically necessary equipment for families that have a child with a terminal illness.” Jake Hubert