I often wonder what life would be like if we didn’t have Sanfilippo in our life. It’s been my goal to find the positive in this “new life” we’ve been given. Some days it’s really hard. It’s especially hard when the dark out weighs the light. However, I’ve found that the light prevails and there is so much positive to focus on. For example, Sanfilippo has brought knowledge, compassion, strength and focus into my life. Because of all of these things I’m a better person. I can be a better mother, sister, wife and daughter. Another example, are the people that we have met along our way. The people that we don’t even know are out there, that our story is touching them in some way. This amazes me. We have been so fortunate to meet strong and encouraging people that inspire us and help us through our tough times. We’ve made friends along the way that are truly a God send! I’ve been so touched by the family members that are out there that want to help make a difference by bringing awareness to the people around them. My cousin Allison is making purple bracelets for all of her friends to help spread the word about this ugly disorder. She has touched my heart! I’ve been passing letters (hand-written!!!!) between myself and another cousin. This is something I look forward too, and another little thing that means so much. Livia is touching the lives of so many people and I can’t help but feel like it is a blessing. I’d give anything to trade places with her or just take it away all together, but I can’t. I’ve been given insight into what our future might look like. It’s scary, but I’m able to cherish all of these blessings and LIV each day with purpose. I have no time for drama, excuses or petty fights. So, because of Sanfilippo I feel, in a way, I’ve been cleansed of negativity. With saying that, it’s not like I skip around all day humming to myself and feeling on top of the world. I’m far from that. I just have a new sensitivity to my surroundings. I see things so differently now and I appreciate the goodness and kindness of this world. Life is about choices, I can choose to lay in bed and cry all the time or I can choose to pick myself up and enjoy what life has to offer. We only have one life, don’t you think we should make it a good one?