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Sometimes I find it ironic how I can be so thankful for my life. My thoughts often take me to really bad places. It’s hard not to be fearful of our future………….however, shouldn’t everyone be a bit fearful? I would imagine that a lot of people on the outside looking in on our life might […]

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Small gestures

My friend Stefanie described in her blog her “new normal.” She also talked about the fact that the cards, emails, and phone calls are starting to fade. This is true at our house also. I was thinking about this the other day, and it made me really sad. I know we have a tremendous amount […]

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I’m so thankful for Livia’s imagination. She plays so well. I love to hear her reading, babbling with her dolls, and calling me to color with her. She has the BEST bedroom. Jake and George built a beautiful window seat/dresser/desk/shelf unit on one of her wall’s. She has a really cool doll house that her […]

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Do unto others

The family and I were in Central IL for yet another weekend. Jake was inducted into the sports hall of fame at Heritage HS. It was a lovely evening to meet the players and see old friends. I’m so proud of my hubby. It’s always so nice to hear everything he has accomplished. For some […]

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God’s Grace

I see God’s Grace in the faces of my children. Being a parent is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s also the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. I feel like I can say I’m proud of the person I am today. I’ve made decisions in my life that I wish I […]

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New Friends

This weekend Jake and I had the privilege of meeting the Boyce family “in the flesh.” We had them to our house for dinner. What an amazing evening. Jayden and Livia played so well together. It was so much fun listening to them laugh as they ran up and down our hallway. Both of them […]

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Verge of Crazy

I slept on Finley’s bedroom floor last night. She started getting a runny nose and wasn’t sleeping well. I refused to bring her to bed with me when she was only in her own for 2 hours. The only way I got her to sleep was on her belly. I know………..a big no no. So, […]

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Just Fine

I added a new song to my playlist on my blog by Mary J. B. called Just Fine. This song has been on my ipod forever! I was rearranging music on my playlist that I run to. I added this song because it is so up beat and I love the words. This song is […]

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I have to correct something that I posted in my last entry. When I was talking about my mom talking behind my back, I was referring to a situation not that I felt she was talking behind my back. She really was standing behind me talking to someone. I do not want to discourage ANYONE, […]

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