New Friends

This weekend Jake and I had the privilege of meeting the Boyce family “in the flesh.” We had them to our house for dinner. What an amazing evening. Jayden and Livia played so well together. It was so much fun listening to them laugh as they ran up and down our hallway. Both of them have a contagious smile. Jake and Justin are both big kids and got in on the action! Brooklyn is a sweet, petite little baby. I loved the little bow in her hair. I felt an instant bond and connection with Stefanie. She is a beautiful and inspirational woman. Both she and Justin have an awesome Faith. Our conversations were so easy. It was really nice to talk with someone who absolutely gets it. I know we will have a friendship that lasts a life time. Not that it makes any of this any easier, but it helps to have another family who is close in location, close in age, and has kids about the same age………….oh yeah, and has to live this MPS life. Thank you God for letting the Boyce and Hubert “paths” cross. I’m so grateful to You for these wonderful people. Thank you for our beautiful children. They are teaching us how to LIV a purposeful and love filled life. A life that isn’t just going to pass us by. We are LIVing life with our eyes WIDE open.

We’ve made the decision to go to Disney in December to the MPS conference. Some of our family members are graciously helping us financially with the trip. This will be a great opportunity for us to meet other families and to learn more about this disease. I am excited about the trip but I’m nervous because I know we will see other children who are farther along in their journey. This will be hard to see. I know God will be by my side and help me through this. On the other hand, I am excited to meet these children and learn about them. We found out that the Boyce family will be on the same flight, and we are going to the parks on the same days. What a coincidence!

I’ll post pictures from the weekend hopefully tomorrow. I made it upstairs without my memory stick. Not to mention Livia is in bed with us right now not wanting to sleep. She keeps pointing at the TV saying “toons” or “TV.” Hopefully we will get some sleep now.