Sometimes I find it ironic how I can be so thankful for my life. My thoughts often take me to really bad places. It’s hard not to be fearful of our future………….however, shouldn’t everyone be a bit fearful? I would imagine that a lot of people on the outside looking in on our life might wonder how we do it? I’m told often how strong I am. I’ll tell you, I’m not always strong and I don’t always want to be strong. This past month has really been a test of my strength. How many wrench’s are going to be thrown at us until we catch a break? How much should one family have to endure? Heartache is not fun. You think your life is going to be perfect. No one teaches us how to prepare for or handle “situations.” On the flip side, why shouldn’t I be thankful? I have a family that anyone would be lucky to be a part of. I have the love and support of so many people. Our “situation” has made me grow as a person. That’s something to be thankful for. I have two beautiful girls that motivate, inspire and teach me something new everyday. I can’t help but be thankful. Life is full of choice’s. I can choose to lay in bed and cry my life away, I can choose to die, or I can choose to embrace the life I have. I can choose to find the good in each day. I can choose to love with my entire being. I would much rather be thankful for what I have than be bitter and angry about it. I’m sure I’ll have times when all I want to do is cry, be angry or question everything. I’ve come to realize that it is ok to do these things as long as I remember that I have a lot more to be thankful for than not. Today is Thanksgiving and I am most thankful for my family. I’m thankful for the person I am today. I’m thankful for our Lord and Savior. Without Him, none of this would be possible. I hope you can find what you are most thankful for and embrace it. Be with the ones you love the most. Be with the ones that make you feel loved.

For Audra………..I love you M2P.