Archive: November 2011

Above and Beyond

Occasionally, I find myself sending out mass emails to family and friends asking for some sort of “viral” help. Many of you have been involved in online voting to win funds for some sort of Sanfilippo research. I usually initiate this voting with mass emails encouraging friends and family to go online and vote. With […]

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Minnesota and a Roller-Coaster

The last week of October was spent at the University of Minnesota for the Natural History Study. My dad went with us, which was great. I enjoyed his company AND help, tremendously. Even though it was only our second time there, I felt like an expert at the routine of the trip. Getting to the […]

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Unexcused absence

I have neglected my blog, for really no reason. Life has been busy, but who’s isn’t? I’ve felt like I haven’t balanced my “jobs” very well lately. I’ve also been very consumed with some situations that have occurred in my life. Without going into detail, some things have happened that have made me very sad, […]

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