Archive: January 2010

January 19

Having a two, almost three year old and an 8month old is hard work. Three year old’s like to get into things, like to test the waters and boundaries. This particular three year old likes to bite and when she is frustrated sometimes reverts to head-butting. I can’t help but react to these behaviors in […]

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Just one day……… a time

We went to Children’s Memorial today to meet Dr. Burton. When we first got Livia’s diagnosis, the MPS society had recommended we see her. After the Disney conference, Jake and I decided that we needed to go see her because we are Livia’s only advocates and we have to do what is best for her. […]

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Our dear friends Stefanie and Justin sent us a new Devotional that Jake and I started Jan. 1st. The title of the devotional is “Streams in the Desert” by L.B. Cowman. Tonight’s devotional hit home for me. It was a reminder that we must have a living grace in order to do life’s work and […]

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Livia’s diagnosis has created a new life for us. A life that has opened our eyes WIDE open. It has also brought many opportunities. These opportunities have ranged from small moments to big trips like going to Disney, to newspaper articles, to barn quilts, to prayer blankets and dolls, to meeting new and amazing people […]

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