Archive: September 2011

Stone Bridge

This week marks 15 weeks of training for Stone Bridge Marathon. October 8th is the day for 26.2. I’m actually getting very excited for the day. Who would have thought? I think I’m most excited about accomplishing this and crossing it off my bucket list! I couldn’t have done all this training alone. I’ve had […]

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Making up?

Since Finley has become verbal, she knows what she wants. Deep down, I really love this about her. It can be very hard trying to compromise with an extremely strong willed 2 year old that talks well, at times. One of her favorite things that she says to me on a daily basis is that […]

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A punch in the gut

Yesterday was a really difficult day. I got the news that Rachel Ferguson, 9, with MPSIII A passed away peacefully in her sleep. 9 years old! This hit me like a TON of bricks. I’m part of a MPS group on facebook, so there were a lot of people giving this family words of encouragement […]

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