Archive: April 2011

Give Love

This past weekend I had the privilege to attend a woman’s conference at my church called Original. It was an inspiring weekend full of beauty, God, celebrating being a woman, inspirational speakers, and being with my intentional friends! The end of February I was on the Original website scoping out the specs of the weekend. […]

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Natural History Study, Round 1

Another busy week ahead of us. We (the 4 of us) are traveling to Central Il today after Jake gets off work. Then, on Sunday, Livia and I are flying out of Bloomington to be a part of the Natural History Study being performed at the University of Minnesota by Dr. Whitley. We will be […]

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4 simple words

I never thought I would be so moved by my children’s words. When you have a new baby and they start babbling, it’s always so exciting. Then the first words of mama, dada, and more start to come. This all happened for Liv, but she never really formed any sentences. Her speech, to me, is […]

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A Girl Scout Troop’s Generosity

Have you ever received something in the mail that makes you cry and cry and cry? Even if it’s a box from a girl scout troop? Well, I have. Livia received a rather large box in the mail one day. It was filled with girl scout cookies, teddy bears for she and Finley, hair ties, […]

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