4 simple words

I never thought I would be so moved by my children’s words. When you have a new baby and they start babbling, it’s always so exciting. Then the first words of mama, dada, and more start to come. This all happened for Liv, but she never really formed any sentences. Her speech, to me, is fairly good. I understand a lot more than what other’s do. But I’m mom! There are times when she puts 3 to 4 words together, and I cling onto those sentences like you wouldn’t believe. I’m fearful for the day, that I may not hear her precious voice anymore. She love’s to sing “Happy Birthday,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “ABC’s,” and a few more. When we were home last, she gave me the impression that she needed to potty, and was maybe having a hard time going. So I sat her on the potty and clear as day she said to me “I WANT TO POOP!” My mother in law, Cindy, heard this, and we celebrated these words. I never imagined I would be so moved by my child telling me she wants to poo. Finley’s speech is getting better everyday. She has passed Livia up in her verbal abilities. I listen to her words (Finley’s) with more focus because her words, hearing them, mean so much. It’s kinda like the saying, you don’t know what you had until it’s gone. Not that I don’t have Livia’s words, but I can appreciate their voices a little more because there is that chance I won’t have Liv’s words forever. So, this morning as I was getting Livia ready for school, I told her that I loved her very much. Without a prompt from me, she looked me in the eyes and said “I LOVE YOU, TOO.” These 4 simple words have radiated in my mind all morning. It’s something so precious and meaningful that I want to keep it forever. It was that moment that I knew Livia is doing really well. It was so perfect because it happened. 4 simple words that I hope isn’t the last time I hear it. Listen to your children and know how fortunate it is to be able to hear them.