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Today is day 6 away from my girls. This past Saturday, Jake drove the girls half way to meet his mom and dad to drop off Liv and Finley for the week. Tomorrow, Jake and I will drive to central Illinois to meet them and stay home for another week. This past week has gone […]

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Volleyball Benefit

Our cousins, The Black’s, organized a volleyball tournament to benefit our family and help with some of our medical expenses, bills, and costs. They put in a lot of hard work organizing the tournament, getting prizes, food, and of course players! It was such a wonderful gesture of help and love. Unfortunately, Livia got sick […]

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7/8/11 marked our 2 year walk with Sanfilippo. It’s hard not to re-live that day. It’s hard not to re-visit those emotions we experienced. It was devastating. However, I also remember our friends and family that rallied around us. Finley was baptized soon after we got Liv’s diagnosis. I can remember sitting in church, tears […]

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It’s once again the little things that mean so much to me. Nowadays, it seems like I’m constantly observing. I’m a “watcher” by trade. It seems that I intently, and constantly, am observing what my children are doing. I especially keep an eye on them when we are out of our comfort zone (our home). […]

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Today I took Finley to her 2 year well baby appointment. A little late, but none the less, we got the appointment done! It was really nice spending some one on one time with her. I have to say, her personality is getting better and better. She is hilarious, and I think she knows it. […]

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