It’s once again the little things that mean so much to me. Nowadays, it seems like I’m constantly observing. I’m a “watcher” by trade. It seems that I intently, and constantly, am observing what my children are doing. I especially keep an eye on them when we are out of our comfort zone (our home). I’m so nervous when we are out in public, at someone else’s home, or somewhere that Livia can get into something she shouldn’t. I’m also very nervous when she interacts with other people. I’m nervous about how they will respond to her. I’m always very quick to explain to people that may not know Livia or her situation that she just doesn’t understand personal space. You see, Livia is very loving and affectionate. When she likes someone, she’s hooked! I’m always so grateful when someone pays Livia the attention that she is looking for. When someone takes the time to play with her and talk to her like any other child, is golden. It warms my heart so much when I see compassion come through and I can step back and let Liv be who she wants to be. To see my child embraced for who she is, is all my heart desires.