Archive: August 2011

Guest Blogger

I was asked a few weeks ago to be a guest blogger on another blog called Life After Sunday. I was so surprised, humbled, amazed, excited that someone, and a blog like this wanted our story. Part one is up now and part two to be posted on Thursday. This is a Christian parenting blog […]

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A stroll with my girls.

For those of you that know Jake and I and where we come from, you know that we are small town, country loving people. Jake grew up in the country his entire life. He and his family had a small hobby farm which I’ve heard a lot of the “critter stories.” From him showing chickens […]

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Because this is who Jake is…………….

My girls are so lucky to have Jake as their daddy. I always tell him that the girls constantly look for him when he’s not around. Jake plays with the girls differently than I do. He runs through the house with them, throws them in the air, bounces them on his knee, dances to the […]

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