Because this is who Jake is…………….

My girls are so lucky to have Jake as their daddy. I always tell him that the girls constantly look for him when he’s not around. Jake plays with the girls differently than I do. He runs through the house with them, throws them in the air, bounces them on his knee, dances to the Wiggles with them (ok, I do this one too!), and just plays and plays and plays. He will drop whatever he is doing to give them the attention they desire. I admire this so much about him. I find myself telling them, “in just a minute” OR “I need to finish what I’m doing, and then I’ll play.” Now, I know that being a stay at home mom I have things I have to do around here to keep this house functioning and I can’t give 100% of my attention to them. I just love watching Jake with the girls. Here’s an example.

Yesterday, Jake returned home after 2 days away at a conference. He got home around 3pm. He really needed to mow the lawn. Finley was awake when he got home and was so excited to see him. He changed his clothes and told us of his plans. Finley insisted that she mow, too! Jake said, “OK, let’s go.” I changed her clothes, put SPF on, and out they went. He asked her what mower she wanted to use, and on they went. It was so hot, and I was worried that they would get over heated. I came inside to get water and grabbed my camera. Here is what I captured. As you’ll notice, Finley got tired pretty fast but really wanted to keep going. Jake could have told her that if she wasn’t going to mow on her own, then she needed to find something else to do. But, because this is who Jake is………..he helped her, to keep her with him and happy. This was a sweet moment!