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This past weekend was an MPS family gathering at the Miller park zoo in Bloomington. It was a chance for Illinois families to gather, eat, enjoy the zoo and lend support to one another. We haven’t gone to a lot of gatherings, but when one is coming up I always get very nervous and anxious. […]

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When will our miracle come?

I look at my life and the productivity that I’m able to accomplish in a day. I have a great routine with the kids, and I thrive on that. There are some days when I am so ready to face anything. I can feel a strength from within that is so fierce. I’m ready to […]

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This made me smile today…………

This is still on my page. Scroll down, it’s under the last picture of Liv and Jayden. Please keep reading! All our love, The Hubert’s~

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A Hunger……………

Livia has started preschool, and I couldn’t be happier with the situation. I can already see a change in her speech and just her overall happiness and willingness to go to school. I’m getting daily email updates from the teacher and have even gotten some individual updates on how Livia is doing. Yesterday’s email was […]

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