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It has been so refreshing to wake up with the sun beaming in. It makes the house feel so good and it makes my attitude that much better. Livia and I were able to spend about 3 hours outside together. Finley joined in when she got up from her nap. It was so great to […]

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The house is quiet, both girls are sound asleep. All I hear is breathing through the monitors, and Lola snoring. This is a hard time for me. This is when my mind wonders and my thoughts consume me. It’s one of those moments where I think to myself, a time like this before Liv’s diagnosis […]

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This is such a critical time, and awareness is what we need! There is hope for a cure or a treatment on the horizon. As a family, we have so many ideas and with our new website we will be able to promote awareness and fundraise. This was on TV not long ago and it’s […]

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The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance. This is one definition of the word perspective that I’m keeping in mind.We all have things in our lives that we struggle with. Whether it be our weight, finances, dedications, friendships, relationships, addictions or even our day to day tasks. Something in your […]

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