The house is quiet, both girls are sound asleep. All I hear is breathing through the monitors, and Lola snoring. This is a hard time for me. This is when my mind wonders and my thoughts consume me. It’s one of those moments where I think to myself, a time like this before Liv’s diagnosis I would be like…………yes! Peace and quiet for mama! Not that I don’t need my own space and time, but I’d much rather have someone up with me right now. I’d rather be listening to a baby cry or changing a diaper or playing than having these awful thoughts. My girls help me get through these tough times. Livia’s laughs and babbles are music to my ears. Finley’s response to me and the games we play are so precious. Lately Livia has been coming up to me when I’m doing another task, like washing the dishes, and pulling my body around and tugging on my clothes saying “come on mama.” Or, if she is having fun doing something on her own she’ll just motion me with her hands to “come on”! I absolutely love this. I love that she wants to play pilates with me. It’s a modified version of airplane. Finley’s personality is shining. She recognizes when she makes me laugh, and then ham’s it up even more. Her 4 front teeth show now when she smiles. I love to tickle her tummy. Why does life have to be so unfair? I have these precious wonderful gifts, but in the background is this ugly and difficult thing. I try so hard to push it aside, to be strong. This is a good time in our life, and in some ways I think I might be in a little bit of denial about the whole thing. It’s better when I can take it one day at a time and not think about tomorrow, but some days, like now, I have a hard time controlling my mind.

“CRY”……………..thank goodness!