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A labor of love

Being at my grandma and papa’s house is such a comfort to me. When I walked in the door today the familiar smell of their house and their welcoming voices and arms was just what I needed. To be in a place that feels so safe and rekindles memories of nothing but happiness is true […]

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Losing the weight of offense

The latest series at church is called “Fit for life.” Each week has had a clever title and has touched my heart tremendously. Each week has started off with the verse: 1 Timothy 4:8Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life & in the life to come. […]

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Worried in the ER

Yesterday around lunch time I noticed that Livia had a bunch of little red dots over the bridge of her nose, under her eyes, around her temples, and across her forehead. I’d thought for about a week that she looked pale and tired. I called the doctors office right away but couldn’t talk to a […]

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An explanation

A lot of people have been asking me what this Pepsi money means. What is a gene therapy and how is it applied. Through a friend of a friend, here is the explanation. The basic principle of gene therapy is to introduce a corrected gene to the body so it is taken up & begins […]

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My friend, Lis, placed this word on my heart. It really is a great word that I intend to adopt with everything I put my heart into. I really want to make a difference. I desperately want to help others, and help my family. I want to be so intentional at LIVing my life. I […]

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For the past few months I’ve started whispering in Livia’s ear. I say the same things over and over again. I do this several times throughout the day. My hope for this is if one day she isn’t communicating, or life is very scary, I can whisper these familiar sayings to her and it will […]

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Pugil Stick Champion

Jake has a really good way of describing a situation or explaining his emotions by relating them to another. Yesterday was a hard day. Emotionally for me. It’s unusual for Jake and I to both have a hard day on the same day, but when he walked in the door last night with red eyes […]

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An easy way to help

Friends and Family………..Pepsi is giving out a $250,000 grant and all you have to do is vote everyday for the rest of the month. The group that has the most votes wins. This grant would mean money for research to help find a cure to save our children’s lives. This is free and easy. You […]

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My heart

Livia communicates really well with me. She is able to tell me when something hurts or when she wants something that is out of reach. She tells me what she wants to eat, or doesn’t want to eat. Her drinks of preference are milk, water and tea. I love the simple requests that she makes. […]

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