My heart

Livia communicates really well with me. She is able to tell me when something hurts or when she wants something that is out of reach. She tells me what she wants to eat, or doesn’t want to eat. Her drinks of preference are milk, water and tea. I love the simple requests that she makes. Her voice is like music to my ears. The reason for this post is to put something out there that may someday have meaning. It’s not everyday, or even once a week. It’s very random but it’s something Livia try’s to tell me and it’s the same every time she does this. She will get my attention, look me in the eyes (which is rare) pat her chest over her heart and tell me “Mama, my heart.” Sometimes she will precede the mama, my heart with “the doctor.” Sometimes I think she is telling me that the doctor listens to her heart, but my gut tells me that’s not it. I feel like she is telling me there is something wrong. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s something.