Archive: February 2011

Good ALWAYS defeats evil

What a stressful morning. I wake up, early, like before one of the girls is up. This is rare. I start my computer routine and see a message from one of Jake’s cousins. He informs me that has been hacked. WHAT? I scurry over to the website and sure enough everything is gone and […]

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Please take a moment to read

I found this blog, and it is great. Please take a moment and follow this LINK, read, and help out!!!

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I was just going through my computer routine. I’m sure many people do this. Check email, check facebook, check blogs, etc. I had company during my routine. Finley Faith cuddled up beside me with her binky and blankie and had her head on my shoulder quietly watching what I was doing. I got to my […]

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will someone hold my heart?

One of my most favorite musical artist is Sara Bareilles. My pandora radio station is usually always set to SB. Her music is beautiful and I find a lot of inspiration listening to her words. If you are reading my blog right now, chances are you are hearing one of her songs playing. “Hold my […]

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Before my eyes

Livia Grace Hubert Born 2/6/7 6 pounds 4 ounces19 inches long12:10 pm Where has time gone? It was a short 4 years ago that this beautiful little girl entered our lives. I’ll never forget the day Liv was born. Livia was delivered C-section due to a breach position. Everything was planned, which I really appreciated, […]

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A bundle of nerves

I thought about having a glass of wine to help calm my nerves, but settled for a brownie instead. I’m thinking the wine would have been a better option. Voting for the Pepsi grant ends tonight at midnight. We have slipped from 1st, to 2nd, and even to 3rd place today. We are in first […]

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