My friend, Lis, placed this word on my heart. It really is a great word that I intend to adopt with everything I put my heart into. I really want to make a difference. I desperately want to help others, and help my family. I want to be so intentional at LIVing my life. I want to be the most intentional mother in the world!!!!! I want to give both of my girls every opportunity that I can. I want them to know how special and loved they really are. I want to be intentional in my Faith. I want to be “salt and light.” I want to resonate, with my actions, what is in my heart. Meaning, my love for our Lord and his Law is how I want to LIV my life.

So, with the word intentional, I entered a contest. It may be bold what I requested, but I had to try. If nothing comes about with the contest, at least I’ve educated one or two more people about Sanfilippo Syndrome, and my beautiful family. Here is what I entered.

In 2011, I resolve to be intentional. Especially in my childrens lives. Livia, 4, has a terminal illness called Sanfilippo Syndrome. Finley, 2, is her sister. Since her diagnosis, we know how important it is to make everything matter, to be intentional in everything we do. Since her disorder is so rare, our foundation focus is to spread awareness and funds for research. I want to be intentional in their lives by providing every opportunity for them to the best of our abilities. I want to keep them safe. We are blessed with the home that we live in, but it is not handicap friendly. Livia’s future includes, but is not limited to: multiple surgeries, loss of communication, loss of ability to eat and walk, loss of her life. I want her life to be purposeful and fun. If we had our mortgage paid off we would be able to ease the worry of paying for all of her medical bills, save for a safe and handicap friendly home, and most of all be intentional with our money to help others and provide opportunities for our kids!

We’ll see if anything comes about with this. In the meantime, keep voting! Only 8 days left until the Pepsi Refresh is over. We’ve held 1st place for a long time. We’ll see if it pays off on Feb. 2nd when they announce the winner. GO TEAM SANFILIPPO!