An easy way to help

Friends and Family………..Pepsi is giving out a $250,000 grant and all you have to do is vote everyday for the rest of the month. The group that has the most votes wins. This grant would mean money for research to help find a cure to save our children’s lives. This is free and easy. You can vote multiple times a day, and even text a vote in. We are currently in 11th place. That is really promising seeing how many groups are in it to win. Right now a Monkey refuge, Mark Twain’s historical home re-vamp, and a girl’s summit are ahead of us. I also just read that a man is staying on top of a lion’s cage at some safe haven in order to raise money for their cause. I think it’s great that people work so hard for the good in this world. But honestly, we are talking about saving CHILDREN’s lives. Seriously, I can’t think of anything more important than human life. I really do care about other causes, but I can’t sway with this one. My heart is in this world for good, all good. But let’s fight the good fight for our kids. Please help and please help pass the word.