Today is day 6 away from my girls. This past Saturday, Jake drove the girls half way to meet his mom and dad to drop off Liv and Finley for the week. Tomorrow, Jake and I will drive to central Illinois to meet them and stay home for another week. This past week has gone really fast. The anticipation of “getting a break” from the everyday schedules and routines was very exciting. I was looking very forward to getting my own time, getting things done, spending time with Jake, and eating meals in an un-hurried fashion. I started to miss them on day 2. I realized that as hard as my everyday life can be, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My girls bring so much joy to my life. They really give me purpose and drive. When they aren’t here, and I have so many ideas of things I’d like to do, I catch myself sitting on the couch watching a movie. Now, this is nice to do occasionally, but not day after day. I have gotten a lot accomplished with the foundation, with help and direction from Ed. This is different. When it comes to the foundation, as hard and overwhelming as the work can be, I’ve never been so determined and focused to accomplish something as I am with Liv Life. I know this is my calling. To be completely honest, when things were hard or confusing to me in the past, I’d find any excuse to run from it. I never had the confidence or know how to want to figure out what I didn’t understand. Typing this and re-reading the previous sentence make me really sad and embarrassed. On the other hand, it gives me complete confidence and reassurance that I’m doing what I should be. I’ve never been so “on a mission” before this. Not only with the foundation, but I’m learning how I want my children to be raised. I’m reminded that God chose me to be Livia and Finley’s mom. God chose me to start this foundation. I feel affirmed. I’m also reminded how much I love my girls. I don’t like or want to be away from them. They both bring unique newness to my life, if that makes sense. I’ve heard people say that they relive their life through their children. I feel like my children have given me new eyes. I see and feel life differently because of them. Just like with the foundation. I would have NEVER, in a million years, thought I would be running a foundation, and liking it. Writing a blog and hearing that my words impact others. Even being a mother. This isn’t how I imagined motherhood. Honestly, it’s better. It may have more work and more heartache attached, but it’s mine and it’s comfortable. This break and reminder has been great. I appreciate this time to gather my thoughts and re-focus. I’m so excited to see my girls tomorrow. I’m excited to keep working on the foundation. I know good things are in store. Be reminded that a break is sometimes all you need!