Volleyball Benefit

Our cousins, The Black’s, organized a volleyball tournament to benefit our family and help with some of our medical expenses, bills, and costs. They put in a lot of hard work organizing the tournament, getting prizes, food, and of course players! It was such a wonderful gesture of help and love. Unfortunately, Livia got sick once we were at the tournament. She, myself, my mom, and Finley left shortly after we arrived at the Mad Hatter tournament. Jake was able to spend the day and was even able to step in and play, which I know he thoroughly enjoyed. We had a lot of family volunteer their time to help that day. We want to thank everyone that organized, played, volunteered, donated, and helped out. The money that was raised at this tournament is nothing but a blessing and we are so appreciative of every cent. It will help us to pay a few of our medical bills. Please watch this short video that Glenn Black put together from the photos that he took during the tournament.

Volleyball Benefit from G Black on Vimeo.