Small gestures

My friend Stefanie described in her blog her “new normal.” She also talked about the fact that the cards, emails, and phone calls are starting to fade. This is true at our house also. I was thinking about this the other day, and it made me really sad. I know we have a tremendous amount of people who think of us everyday. This is such a comfort to know people really LOVE us, especially Livia, and are praying for us. I don’t know how people can walk this journey without the Lord. Anyway, just the time I was sad and down about not hearing from anyone I get a small package in the mail. In the package was a hand written note (which are priceless and touch my heart) and an Oprah supplement to the ‘O’ magazine (small booklet). This booklet was something Elizabeth, the friend who sent this to me, leaned on when her sister Amber was battling her fight with cancer. I can tell this booklet was a support for Elizabeth by the dog eared pages and the wear of the book itself. I was so touched that Elizabeth would share this with me. Amber lost her battle with cancer and is now with our Lord. Amber left behind a family of her own. 3 beautiful children, a husband, 3 sisters, and her mother and father. I think of Amber often, and her family. Elizabeth and I were childhood friends, and I have so many memories of playing and swimming with her. She was a year older than me in HS. Elizabeth and I were not close in HS. Our interests were different and our paths drifted apart. It wasn’t until Elizabeth sang at our wedding that we really connected again. We emailed a few times, and during Amber’s battle we talked a couple times. Elizabeth became pregnant with her daughter Isla and we talked a few more times. Elizabeth has always quietly been a part of my life. She is someone who has stepped up and is walking this journey with us. She is sincere and I look forward to her cards, emails, and small gestures. Thank you Elizabeth for being my friend. You couldn’t have sent the booklet at a better time. There are so many people who deserve a Thank You! I only hope that one day I can pay it forward for everything we’ve received so far.