I’m so thankful for Livia’s imagination. She plays so well. I love to hear her reading, babbling with her dolls, and calling me to color with her. She has the BEST bedroom. Jake and George built a beautiful window seat/dresser/desk/shelf unit on one of her wall’s. She has a really cool doll house that her grammy Karin gave her last year for Christmas. She loves getting in her closet and just pulling anything out that she can. I can’t believe how much she can reach! Lately she has been pulling her Tinker Bell chair into the kitchen when I’m doing dishes or making dinner. She will pull the chair right next to me, climb up, and start helping me do whatever task I’m trying to complete. She especially loves helping me with the dishes. I think the soapy water has something to do with it. Staying with the “chore” theme, Livia likes to help me with the laundry. I will put her on the washer on her knees and let her dump the soap in. Then I’ll let her fill the cap up with water and dump it over and over again. I even let her do the fabric softener. (Don’t freak out mom…………she CAN’T reach it on her own :)) Jake and I have been working with her to feed the dogs. She knows where the dog food is and we help her scoop it out and dump it in the bowls. She even helps us remember to feed the dogs if we are busy doing other things. I swear she knows when 6pm rolls around. She likes to get the swiffer out. She will push it around the floor. I SWEAR I don’t make her do these things. She likes to do what mommy does! Livia LOVES horses, she really loves all animals. Livia spends most of the day in dress up clothes. There has been days that she wears a princess dress to the gym. She loves to watch dancing with the stars. She wears a dress and dances along with the show. She gets so excited. Its really cute. She plays head shoulders knees and toes, row row row your boats, and ring around the rosy. She loves You Tube. We have to limit the amount of time she watches. It all started with Beyonce’s Single Ladies video (thanks auntie AuAu). Now it’s Elmo, The Wiggles, babies laughing, and Charlie bit my finger video. I want to bottle all these moments up and keep them forever. I want to always hear her yell “MOM” when she wakes up in the morning. I always want to hear that laugh. When she smiles her eyes smile too! Livia has such a tender heart. She has wiped my tears away and held my face when I’ve cried. I don’t like to cry in front of her because she is so aware of it. When she looks in my eyes and says “mama cry,” I have to stop. She is an angel and I THANK GOD everyday for her and Finley.

Finley is growing and changing so fast. I can’t believe she is 6mos old. I don’t remember my little baby. She is eating solids now, sitting up almost on her own, and cutting teeth. She LOVES Livia. Finley has only belly laughed a few times, and those times have all been when she is watching Liv. I think Finley is going to have hazel eyes. Both she and her sister have the prettiest eye lashes. Finley is a special girl. I feel a special connection with her.