Waiting my turn

It’s hard to wait.  We live in a society where most anything can happen instantly.  Information is at our fingertips.  Packages can be ordered and delivered in the same day.  When we want something, and have to wait, it may cause frustration or impatience.
I feel like I’m living in a season of “waiting.”  
My “wait” feels closer than it ever has.  My “wait” is scary and heavy.  It’s hard to “wait,” but I’m not frustrated or impatient.  I’d like to “wait” for as long as God allows, and even then, it won’t be enough.  When my “wait” is over, my arms will be empty.  
I love what my friend said about 2 girls passing away from Sanfilippo Syndrome yesterday.  She said “Two beautiful souls left this earth yesterday, and heaven sure got two shades brighter, but here? It got dark. And when it gets dark, we must search for the light.”  (She blogs too.  You can read her beautiful words here.)
The darkness that is my life is surrounded by so much light because of our children.  The darkness that makes my heart feel the ache and burn is soothed by the salve of love that has been brought to life because of their precious and fragile lives.  The wait, the worry, the after; it will be dark.  However, the life left to liv will be worth it, because she will be the light in my heart.  It’s the only way.  
I will be content in the “wait.”  It will be cherished and honored; daily.
4 children lost their lives yesterday as a result of Sanfilippo Syndrome.  Our community has been hit hard and many hearts have been affected.  Please keep our friends in your thoughts and prayers.