All that’s left to do is love…

All that’s left to do is love…
I was recently in a store, and heard repeated scolding of a child.  There was a lot of crying from the child, and the parent was not discreet in their tone or choice of words.  There were older children involved that were basically commanded to control their younger sibling.  It was obvioulsy a bad situation, and extremely noticeable.  The direction of my shopping directly followed theirs.  It was hard not to observe for a good amount of time.  I was sad and embarassed for the children.  I couldn’t help but watch, and make sure I wasn’t wrong in my assumptions.  I could see from some of the older children’s response to the younger sibling, they were learning exactly how the parent had parented them.  I could see their future with their future children in the same aisle of a store.  It was and will be a vicious cycle.
It’s hard to break cycle’s.  Especially ones that have been learned.

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