What’s important

I’ve neglected writing for a long time.  Not because I haven’t wanted too, but it just hasn’t felt right.  I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately.  For myself, and for others.  It feels like it’s mine.  I’m comfortable, I’m learning and growing, I’m sharing, and I feel inspired by the art of photography.  It’s important to me……so important.
“What’s important.”  I’ve been hearing this whisper in my mind over and over and over again this winter.  Oh, this loooong winter.  I opened my Bible today to look up the word “important.”  My Bible has a dictionary in the back.  I love it, and use it all the time.  It doesn’t have as many words listed as Webster, but it has significant words.  It gives a brief definition, but then lists scripture that correlates.  “Important” was not listed.  I then thought, how about the word “priority.”  Nope, not there.  I then went to responsibility.  Not quite, but responsible was listed.  Close enough.  I was then lead to look up Galatians.  I flipped to the front to look up what page GAL starts on.  1980….the year I was born.  I think I’m on the right track!   GAL 6; We Harvest What We Plant.  I highly recommend reading this.
A good friend once told me that there will never be enough art in this world.  There can never be enough good books to read, good music to listen too, stories to be told, or paintings to be hung.  She was right.  Hearing a good new song can ignite a new passion.  Reading a great story can refresh your soul.  That doesn’t mean that your old favorites have to go by the way side.  Art is ever changing, expanding, and we all need it.  Just like ourselves.  Growing as people requires recognizing what is most important in our own life.  But, it’s also recognizing others around us.  A well balanced “taking care” of what’s most important.  
In GAL 6, it talks about not comparing ourselves to others.  Also, not boasting about our good works.  I’ve always believed the latter.  However, the comparing ourselves to others, that’s a work in progress.  Stepping out into anything can be scary, create self doubt, and it’s hard not to compare to other people’s success.  It’s also listening to those whispers.  The callings in your life.  I know how important it is to follow your dream.  To put purpose behind a passion.  We’ve all thought about our “death bed” moment and how we don’t want to look back and regret not doing…..I get that.  I know what my heart yearns for.  It’s also a “I want it now” feeling.  However, I know what’s most important in my life right now.  It’s taking care of what’s most important.  It’s being fully invested in her life.  It’s not giving up when it’s hard.  Physically and emotionally hard.  Even when it’s over.  It won’t be over and it will be a brand new listening for, investing in, taking care of, asking for help, and recognizing what’s most important.  But right now, I know that resounding “what’s important” is right where I’m at.