A Broken Heart

I’ve often said that I would trade places with Livia if that meant I could save her life.  I wonder though, if that really is a good trade.  The one “blessing” that comes with Sanfilippo, is that there is no earthly hurt.  No broken hearts.  No worries.  Livia knows nothing but happiness and joy.  She is happy and loving.  She loves people and is happy to just be in the presence of others.  Anyone.

I experienced a broken heart tonight.  For both of my children.  My heart is very vulnerable, everyday.  As each day passes, I feel like a little piece of my heart chips away.  Time is not on our side.  So, when my heart breaks because of something else, it upsets me.  I dropped my girls off at the drop-in before I had to teach a class.  The room was not busy, maybe only 5 other children.  Both girls ran right in, happy to be there.  Livia ran over towards a couple little boys and picked up a toy.  One boy, probably Livia’s age held the other boy back and said; “watch out for that girl (pointing) she’s really weird.”  Livia, of course, went on playing, no idea what those words meant.  As I’m hanging up their bags, I then hear another little girl, maybe 7, ask Finley; “why is your sister like that?”  I watched quietly, feeling numb and feeling the tears well in my eyes.  Finley completely ignored the girl and just started playing.  I left the room in tears.  Completely innocent, maybe a little wrong on the boys behalf, but hurtful, nonetheless.  I understand and get that Livia is different.  I want situations like this to present a learning opportunity.  I was heartbroken to hear someone ask Finley that question.  Finley knows nothing other than Livia is her sister.  I’m not ready to tell her everything.  However, after I read PINK! (a story about friendship and acceptance), I took the opportunity to ask Finley a few questions about Livia.  Just to see where she stands with understanding Livia and if she notices her differences.  She doesn’t.  She only knows Livia as she is.  I then told her how every single person in the whole entire world is different.  Not one person is the same.  God made all of us in a special way and we must embrace, love, respect, and be ok with people’s differences.  I kept it at a 3 year old’s conversation level.

Proverbs 31:8 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”

I’m speaking up for those in need.  I’m praying and asking all of you; teach compassion to your children and friends.  Teach them to love others.  We can all learn something from each other.  Everyone on this earth has something to offer.  My daughter’s have taught me so much in their short lives.  They’ve made me want to love more.  I feel a duty to spread this message of compassion.  We can all do a little to make a big difference.