Frame of mind

The Illinois Marathon is less than 48 hrs away.  This year, Liv Life has done a fund raiser getting runners to send out letters trying to help raise funds for our cause.  I have to say, it’s been a success with the few runners we have participating. 

Preparing for a marathon is not only a physical game, but a mental one as well.  This week is termed “taper” week.  It’s been a week of rest, fueling up (that means carb loading), hydrating, and mentally preparing.  I feel like being a runner takes a lot of discipline, dedication and determination.  The 3 D’s!  I know I’m physically prepared and I know by Saturday morning, I’ll be mentally prepared as well.  I’m putting myself in an “I CAN” frame of mind.  It’s the outlook and attitude of knowing that I’m going to make that first step, and no matter what my time is, I’m going to cross that finish line.  Yes, I have a goal, but I have to focus on moment to moment and why I’m out there in the first place.  In the beginning, running was my therapy.  It still is, but it’s become so much more than that.  I’m out there representing something so important to me and I’m also proving that with the right frame of mind, anything is possible.

The right frame of mind applies to just about everything in life.  Jobs, kids, relationships, school…..anything.  Having a child with a terminal disorder really takes a certain frame of mind.  With the small changes that are happening with Livia, facebook, other blogs of SS parents, I’m constantly reminded of how unfair Sanfilippo Syndrome really is.  It’s a heartbreaking disorder.  Worry, sadness, anger and maybe disappointment are all feelings any person, not matter the frame of mind, are going to experience.  But do you let it dictate and control your every day?  The year after diagnosis was such a whirlwind, and I really can’t remember a lot from that year.  I know for sure, I couldn’t have fathomed writing about this topic.  I was in a much different frame of mind.  Today, however, I know that Jake and I have decided to take the frame of mind that encompasses fun, love, happiness, kindness and the 3D’s!  My prayer today is especially geared towards my fellow SS families, but really everyone…..because who doesn’t have something going on in their life.  I pray that you choose to have a good attitude and outlook for your day and for your life.  I pray that the right frame of mind is within your reach and that you can recognize your potential.  Love your children, friends and family just a little more today.

Good luck to all the Illinois Marathon participants.  Especially to those who are trying to make a qualifying time!  May your fame of mind be “I CAN!” 

You have to learn how to think right before you can live right. We become what we think. (Proverbs 23:7) #joycemeyerministries