Small accomplishments

My Finley Faith will be 2 on the 13th. She is growing and changing daily. She makes me laugh more often than not. One of the traditions I’ve started for her is to write her a letter for her birthday. My plan is to give them all to her when she is 18. I’m starting to think about that letter and what I want to put in it. This second year of her life I feel like I’ve really bonded with her. The first year of her life, I think I was in a time of mourning. Not over her, but she was 8weeks old when we got Liv’s diagnosis. Finley’s infancy, {this makes me so sad}, I feel was taken from her and me. I can remember holding her or feeding her, and watching Livia play, and just sobbing. Of course it took awhile to find out tjat Finley did not have MPS, but in my heart I knew she would be just fine. I can honestly say, I didn’t really worry about her having SS. I refer to Finley as my miracle. I look at her everyday, at least once a day, and literally stop and pray my thanks that she is mine. Even if she is throwing the worst tantrum, I think to myself, at least I get to experience it.

This blog was sparked this morning from Finley asking me for some “wa wa” aka….water. She’s gotten to the point where she really loves drinking out of a small plastic open cup, not a sippy cup. She gets so excited when I pull one out. Her favorites include a Hello Kitty cup, and a Disney Princess cup. She will choose which one she wants. She then squeals in delight. As I was pouring her water, the mixed emotions came flooding in. I was so proud of Finley for reaching this small point in her growth, yet it made me realize that she is/has gained on Livia in development. Livia is doing really well, but there is no way I could give her an open cup without a mess to follow or me helping her through her breakfast with it. These small accomplishments are really big in my world. Who would have thought that drinking from a cup would warm my heart and make me so sad all at once.

Both of my girls are such blessings in my life. They have helped me become the person I’m proud of today. I feel like I’m fortunate to be aware of these “small accomplishments.” I don’t let even the small things go by without a notice. Livia Grace, Finley Faith, I love you more and more each day! Thank you for being mine!!! xoxoxoxoxox