May 15th, 2011

MPS awareness day…………………..a day to tell people about our kids, here and in heaven. There are so many creative people in the MPS world. Creative in the sense of how to spread awareness. Last year we had business cards made, attached purple suckers (if you haven’t guessed by now, purple is the color represented for MPS) and handed them out to the community. I really want to do something more next year. I want to get our church and schools involved. I’m seeing a balloon launch or something fun like that. I think if would be amazing to do a month long awareness at our church and then the weekend of the 15th have the entire congregation in purple. Just a few ideas, and we’ll see where the year leads us.

This year, I challenged friends and family to wear purple on May 15th and tell people about Liv and MPS. I then asked them to send me their purple pics. Something this simple, and yet I’m so touched by the support. People’s generosity gets me every time. Generosity doesn’t always come in the form of a dollar. Generosity comes in joining in on a challenge, giving words of encouragement, offering support, or just being there. A dollar here or there is nice, but it’s not always what generosity looks like. I can’t explain how important these small gestures are to me. I can’t imagine going through this feeling alone. Knowing that we have friends and family that will stand by our side and take pictures in their purple clothes really means the world to me. Enjoy the purple collage and I’d be happy to take suggestions for next year’s awareness day! LOVE YOU!