An idea

I was approached yesterday before pilates class by a friend, Ed. He is someone I’ve come to know through the Y and through running. He is a marathoner and someone I look up to. He came to me with a fund raiser idea for MPS. I instantly started crying and really couldn’t express my feelings or words. I feel bad that I started crying like that. I’m not sure how he felt around a bumbling mess like that! I know my feelings came from loneliness, gratitude and excitement. What a mix! There are times when I feel so alone in this journey. Not only being away from family, but when it comes to the website and fund raising it can be very overwhelming. Gratitude because I was so thankful that he was thinking about Livia and MPS. Knowing that someone’s wheels were turning about my child during their time was very touching. Excitement because his idea is fun and easy. All in all, it was nice of him to come to me about this. I hope my crying didn’t scare him away and I hope the idea works!!! Thanks, Ed for being there and for keeping those wheel’s turning!!!