uN-cOmFoRt ZoNe

Being “in the zone” is a place I’ve really come to appreciate. All my fellow runners will appreciate what I’m saying. Come to think of it, I think a lot of people are “in the zone” right now. Before 7/8/09, I was living in my comfort zone. Life was comfortable. I really didn’t have many worries. I should say, my worries weren’t in my face like now. I’d say I’m in the uN-cOmFoRt ZoNe now. Thinking about this theory isn’t all a bad thing. In a runners world being in the comfort zone takes some stepping out of being comfortable and becoming uncomfortable to reach a level of achievement. Putting my body through strenuous routines isn’t always the most fun thing to do, but the end results and the sense of accomplishment is such a good feeling. Being comfortable is easy. I never use to like stepping outside my zone. In a way, I really didn’t need too. I feel like being in the uN-cOmFoRt ZoNe has forced me to grow up and become a person I never thought I’d be. I’ve learned more about myself in this past year that I’d ever give myself credit for. Being a bit uncomfortable at times has created a strength and focus that I’ve come to really desire. From here on out there will be situations in my life that will be unbearably uncomfortable. The ways in which I choose to handle these situations will create an end result that I can be happy with. My advice to you whom are struggling in some way; look at your life and see if the reason you are unhappy could be due to being comfortable. Are you stuck in a rut with your weight? Are you unhappy with your marriage. Are you struggling with accepting a situation that is scary? Do you have financial worries? Could any of these situations be due to not wanting to step out of your comfort zone to make a change? If you are willing to be in the uN-cOmFoRt ZoNe to make a change then things could get better. Only you can create your happiness……………or unhappiness. If you depend on anyone else, but yourself, to design the worth or comfort in your life then you are destined for disappointment. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written this and erased it. I felt like what I was trying to say was coming across in the wrong way.

Summer in the Hubert household has pretty much come to an end. Livia had surgery 3 weeks ago and Jake had surgery 2 weeks ago. Recovery is getting much better for everyone, but getting out and enjoying the fun things summer has to offer is just not happening. Finley just came home this past weekend. Between my mom, grandma, sister,dad, and Jake’s mom and dad, Finley was in central Il for a week. AN ENTIRE WEEK. She did great and loved all the undivided attention. Not to mention it really helped me while I was taking care of Livia and Jake. Thank you to all of you who were able to help. I don’t know what I’d do without all your support.