Saturday, May 1st 2010 Jake and I accomplished something that we both thought would never be possible. Crossing the finish line in Memorial Stadium was such a great sense of accomplishment. I really feel like this is the first thing I’ve ever really been this proud of myself for. I can recognize that I worked really hard and did what I set out to achieve. I think through this process I’ve really found out who I am and what I’m capable of. This past year has been such a life altering, devastating, eye-opening, soul finding kind of year. It’s also been a year of seeing God’s work and glory really shine through in some amazing people including ourselves. This new path we are on has led us to meet some wonderful and inspiring people. Having these “new eyes” makes us recognize the good and really know what is important. When we crossed the finish line we found our family and saw our girls right away. It was so emotional to see a section of our Livlife black tshirts and Livia waving real big. They let Livia down onto the field and she ran into my arms. Of course I started weeping and all these emotions I was having were so REAL. I can honestly say I embraced every moment and still get teary eyed thinking about how proud I felt at that very moment. I wasn’t only proud of myself and Jake for accomplishing this, but I was proud of being Livia’s and Finley’s mom. I was proud of family and friends for being there to support us and to represent Livlife. I was proud of the day and what it meant to me. As Jake and I walked away from our group we had to stand in a line to get out of the stadium and get our bags. As we were standing in this line congratulating one another going between laughing and crying, I looked at Jake during one of my crying moments and asked him if it would feel this good when they find a cure for MPS? He said………it will feel better. It will feel better, and I know that day will come. But for now, I’m going to try to find that good emotion in some part of each of my days. Today I get to hear my girls laugh, see them play together and feel that love like I finished a 13.1 mile race and that’s all I need to know that today is worth it and today is what I’m proud of!